Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You have questions? We have answers. 

Does Kombucha contain alcohol?

yes because it is fermented tea, however Dark Forest Sparkling Kombucha usually coming in at 0.2 - 0.4% ABV which is the same alcohol content of a ripe banana, click here to learn more.

We test each batch before dispatch so you can be assured we stick to what is on the label. 

Does Kombucha contain sugar?

yes, all fermented beverages use sugar in the fermentation process. Dark Forest uses raw cane sugar during the first fermentation which gets broken down from sucrose into fructose and glucose which has a lower glycemic impact on the body.  The bacteria then transforms glucose into healthy G acids such as gluconic and glucuronic acids that help to protect the liver.  Click the link for 56 other names for sugar.

Can kids drink Kombucha?

yes and we believe should. But only traditionally crafted and in moderation. And especially if they have had a few rounds of antibiotics and need to rebalance their microbiome. 

Why don't you use Stevia?

Because it tastes awful and is likely to increase your appetite for sweet things. At 300 times sweeter than fructose and glucose, we think making drinks that contain less sugar naturally is better than fermenting out all the raw sugar and then adding a sweetener like stevia. 

If your main goal is to stop consuming sweet things, eat lots of bitter things and over time your palette and desires will change. Naturally. 

Can pregnant and breastfeeding women drink Kombucha?

They can drink ours. We craft our drinks using traditional methods which means there is nothing new age or nasty in any of our bottles. Drink up ladies and replenish yourselves while you are giving so much. 

Are Dark Forest beverages gluten-free?

We make sure of it by testing each batch. Did you know that gluten is airborne? That means if we had a bakery next door, we would be in trouble! We would fix it. But it would be annoying!

Are Dark Forest beverages nut-free?

100%. No need for nuts here. Some say we are nutty enough. Just know that you and your people won't get a nut reaction from drinking our drinks. 

Are Dark Forest beverages dairy-free?

Yep sure are. That's why we are also vegan friendly but hey we will get to that.

Are Dark Forest beverages Vegan friendly?

Absolutely. Everything we use comes from plants. And water. And people but we don't put them in the beverages, they craft and package them up for you.

Are Dark Forest beverages pasteurised?

No way. All our beverages are alive and wild just like our Team, and how your microbiome likes it. If we did pasteurise we could extend the shelf life of our products but we don't make products for shelves, we make them for you.

Are Dark Forest beverages organic?

Everything we use is organic except sometimes the fruit. This is because we like to use local fruit farms and those who have an abundance of fruit that might be rejected from larger buyers due to shape etc. We haven't worked out how to change the Farmers but when we do, we will let you know.