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Dark Forest was born from a desire to create high functioning products to improve overall wellbeing whilst making a positive contribution to the community.

We design products specifically for celebration and socialising. Harm-free, gluten-free, number-free food and beverage - utilising the whole ingredient. By-product created from one product is reused, recycled and repurposed to make other products, ensuring we utilise the whole ingredient.

We actively support local farmers and Australian manufacturers with the view that by doing so we support local businesses, environments, families and help minimise any negative impacts our business has on our ecosystems.

Quality Ingredients

Dark Forest Beverages are created by using fresh whole fruit and organic green tea from Australian Farmers. Raw sugar is supplied by Queensland sugar farms and absolutely no ingredients are genetically modified or distorted in anyway. We are guided by nature to ensure you get the best product and we give full respect to the ingredient, the farmer and the land.

Dark Forest Scoby snacks are created by reusing by-product from our kombucha business and dehydrating at 90 degrees to ensure the highest nutritional quality remains for your animal. Rigourous product testing has delivered the very best taste / nutrition balance possible for your furry friends.

Dark Forest Face and Body Scrubs are created by repurposing the by-product from our fermentation processes. The primary ingredients have been maturated and dehydrated to develop and capture detoxification properties whilst ensuring the right texture is created fit for purpose.


Australian born Joanne Davies decided to look to nature to regain gut health whilst taking her rheumatoid arthritis drug. It wasn’t long before she stumbled on the world of fermentation and worked out how to combine gut loving ferments and socialising.

Dark Forest Sparkling Kombucha and Water Kefir are designed specifically for the hospitality industry because this is were you need gut loving products - where you socialise.

Constructs like “Dry July and Octsober” historically meant hibernating from social events and rigourous health regimes like no carbs, no sugar, arhhh just NO. Life is too short and friends are too important to hide in the shadows of life so at Dark Forest we believe bringing super-dooper gut loving ferments to social events could be the proverbial “having your açai bowl and eating it too”!.

Beverages need to be exciting and more adult than water, traditional soft drink and juice. Kombucha and Water Kefir quietly go about repopulating gut flora while you get on with connecting to your community - simple. #drinkferments.

Dark Forest Scoby and Dark Forest Face and Body Scrubs formed as a by-product of the fermentation process and the desire to use 100% of the ingredient. These products pay respect to the farmers, environment and those who want responsible product development.


It didn’t take much convincing for Mark to adopt the idea behind Dark Forest, a company in pursuit of improving global wellbeing. And Harry, trusted flavour advisor (for scoby snacks) and loyal companion on those long, long nights of hand labelling.

Director of Product Development, Sales, Marketing and Cleaning

Director of Product Development, Sales, Marketing and Cleaning

Chief Legal Counsel and Quality Assurance

Chief Legal Counsel and Quality Assurance

Head of Research and Development on scoby snacks (pending)

Head of Research and Development on scoby snacks (pending)

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