Matching with Ferments

Dark Forest Kombucha and Water Kefir has been designed to socialise. We wanted to create something that would bridge the gap between traditional celebratory drinks and non alcoholic beverages. Adult, fun, lively and interesting - like our customers!

The flavour profile of our kombucha is based on Australian organic green tea from Queensland and driven by local seasonal fruits. Thrice filtered and forced carbonated makes our beverage take on any clean pilsner and sparkling wine without the alcohol. 

Dark Forest Kombucha - Apple and Fig

Dark Forest Sparkling Kombucha - Apple and Fig
pairs beautifully with a cheese plate, spicy curry and Bunnings sausage with sauce.

 Dark Forest Sparkling Kombucha Original (Pear and Ginger)

Dark Forest Sparkling Kombucha - Original           
has been designed to standalone as an afternoon lpick me up or a healthy alternative to traditional cocktail hour beverages. 
It can also bring out the best in rich foods like beef ragu, spicy fried chicken or seafood paella. Anything that needs a little acid to help your digestion.

Dark Forest Sparkling Kombucha - Pink Lemonade

Dark Forest Sparkling Kombucha - Pink Lemonade
Fun and joy has been the main ingredient to this little number based on raspberries and lemons. Our pink lemonade stands toe to toe with any Rose as a thirst quenching low sugar summer spritzer. Pairs well with brunch eggs and lunch fish and chips.