The pursuit of wellbeing in the context of self and Psychoneuroimmunology

When I get stressed a small rash, between the size of a 5 cent piece and 20 cents, depending on the level and duration of stress, appears on my left buttock. 

Too much info? I share so you take pause to ponder what shows up for you. 

When my husband was studying for the Bar he developed this harsh angry cough that was beyond the ‘stress relief tonic and chewables’ he was self medicating with. In the end, I bundled him into the car heading for physicians in the belief he somehow contracted hooping cough. It wasn’t and it disappeared as soon as he took the exams.

My labored point is simple, we all have some marker that indicates we might have some stress we need to deal with and for those fortunate to have the wit to see it in themself or have someone brave enough to call it, we can act. 

If we believe 90% of communication is subconscious then we need to pay attention when something comes across our metaphoric left buttock.

I went to a seminar of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) by Dr Judy Lovas,, because my friend wanted me to go and I had just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was searching for something, so I went. I just finished my MBA and of course googled Dr Lovas before attending, art and SCIENCE of relaxation……. Uhmm.

I didn’t apologise to Dr Judy on the day for my bias and preconceived ideas of her field of science so please take this Blog as my mea culpa Dr Lovas, I am on it. 

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