Reporting from the halfway line of the Elimination protocol

Halfway through the elimination protocol, and I am feeling good. My skin has stopped itching and my eyes are brighter.

The weekend was quiet. I studied while Mark and Andy went to the pub. I cooked, and Mark drank wine from an opaque water bottle - cute.

The weather was shit, and ordinarily, I would take that as a cue to drink red wine early and make something Italian in the kitchen. Kombucha and Biology replaced that. Not bad, just different. It was good; I'm studying Health Science through Endeavour College, not to be a clinician, but to get more thoughtful about what is going on with my body. And it's fascinating. I don't remember sciences much at school, let's face it, I'm 50, so "school" was a long time ago. And my memory is horrific. Yes, horrific.  I genuinely forget things as soon as I have another thought. I hope I get my memory back as a consequence of cleaning up my diet. Dr Susan said I could, so I am, hopefully.

To get through the weekend, I did have pancakes Sunday morning, made with plain flour.... not on the elimination diet, but I figured 98% is cool with me. I ate them as usual with coconut sugar and lemon - spectacular—no adverse reaction.

This week I am concentrating on expanding my cooking skills. The blackberry muffins last week using coconut flour were dismal; Frankie didn't mind them #nowastecooking, so this week, I will try using a 50/50 ratio of coconut to plain flour; again, I'm happy with a 98% compliance rate on the protocol.

Subconsciously I think my issue is alcohol and potato chips which I am so glad to say I'm not missing ( but I did go hard camping...)

Anyway, for those who are with me, good luck this week. Keep things simple, and think before putting anything in your mouth - sound life advice I think.

And check out Together the movie if you get the chance - fabulous!

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