Notes from the Fermentary - July


I got told off for using the hastag #dryj..., so I won't be definite here. I will however point to the very worthy cause behind DryJuly which was news to me at the time! Was I the only one who thought Dry J... was about alcohol abuse? 

Anywhooo, if you are thinking of giving your liver a break from alcohol and sugar, please take a spin around the shop and pick yourself up a cheeky case or two of gut loving Kombucha and Water Kefir, preferably Dark Forest Kombucha but any that live in the fridge will do. Remember - buy what is built for you not the shelf.

Fermentary Update

Good things take good time as they say, Fu#Ks, and so it is true of our humble Fermentary. As we creep closer to the finish line, (Occupation Certificate), our mind turns to Pintrest boards and growth strategies. Stay tuned, I'm confident you will be noshing of Dark Forest Gelato by summer.


Fun things to do when you have time 

Ferment! And pickle if you have space, see our how to enjoy eBook, grab some jars and get cracking in the kitchen. A couple of excellent books on fermentation follow:

Use it All - by Cornersmith

Ferment - by Holly Davis

The great thing about introducing ferments into your diet, gradually, is that your taste buds change. You stop craving sugar and start seeking out the more complex interesting flavours of a fermented pickle. Trust me, it's odd and it's true.


Ok I'm off, good luck with the ferments, let me know how you go @darkforestbeverages



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