Notes from the Fermentary - February

Hello Friend,
it's been a few ferments between updates. I'm not sure I can blame it on being busy, I feel we have been frantic, confused, overwhelmed, sad, nuts and a little numb but busy.... not sure. Anywhooo here we are for an update. Updating you about the goings on of our Fermentary keeps me honest and centred. A little like yoga or going to the dentist - I always feel better once I've done it.
New Year, New Site, New Friends: Cliqued Marketing
We have moved our website to Shopify and partnered up with the great people from Cliqued to help us with our online offering. We suck at it and they don't - WIN WIN. Matt, Chris and Co have been so easy to deal with and well, you tell us what you think of the new site, email
Cherry Kombucha spreads its wings
Dark Forest Sparkling Cherry Kombucha is finally in full production and now offered through our Retailers. We finished it with a touch of vanilla which has lifted the profile making it complex and cheeky without being too serious. You can find it on our store here.


The Build: Dark Forest Fermentary Mark 2


It has been slow going but I think it will be beautiful. Good things take good time as they say.  If I knew going in that it would take 3 years and countless compromises to build our own Fermentary from the ground up, I would have giggled nervously and gone to plan B.

And we haven't finished! I'm not going to drag you through the detail however I reserve the right to blurt when I see you. When we get to hang out and drink great kombucha, eat good food and plan our next adventure. Dark Forest Mark 2 is so clear in my head I know you will love it. You'll bring your dogs, kids, lovers, friends or maybe you won't and it will be you and me, either way, the tunes will be pumping through the Sonos, the ferments will be chilled and I'll make sure the fire is stoked for those chilly afternoons when you need a tummy warmer and a good giggle. 
Until then, we'll write! x
Love your guts,  Jo Davies and the Dark Forest Team

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