Notes from the Fermentary- December

December notes:


definition; a design system of sustainable living and land use. A framework for living and thriving in partnership with nature.

I stumbled upon permaculture a few years ago, bought the books, got given a book for Christmas and thought I would get to it when I had the time to immerse myself.... hmm well here's the thing, the world (our planet) doesn't wait.

So I signed up to an online course, (I'm working anyway, I'll do it when I'm eating), and learnt that its a bit more than gardening!

Based on 12 principles, permaculture is fundamentally about earth care, people care and fair share. Check out one of the founder David Holmgren and the Milkweed duo. The 6 week course is about $300 and is practical, fun and illuminating. And absolutely not self-righteous, derogatory or intimidating. Promise.

Cruelty free festivities

the art of giving has always been a family principle. Thanking people for the act of gift giving rather than the gift itself, giving more than taking and always always being of good cheer to those who cross your path. 

As I've aged, I've found the thought of christmas leaving me a little cold. The festive period and sharing good food with friends - divine, but the over consumption and onslaught of what will be landfill soon - perverse.

So it came to me, and other like minded consumers, that maybe there was a way I could shop responsibly and bring the warmth back to the thought of christmas.

And so, to the horror of my family, (but hopefully not), I've decided to give toilet paper instead of wine to my hosts during this festive season, Dark Forest Sparkling Ferments to my guests as well as wine (please still come) and bring back nature to the little people seeking something special for Christmas.

merry whatever you do and may your festivities be cruelty free.

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