Notes from Dark Forest - February

Hello Friends,

hope 2022 is starting to take the shape you want. 

Goulburn update

Our new digs in Goulburn are coming along. The totally accessible bathroom, grout free and beautifully rendered by the husband, is divine and ready for hot water. 

Bamboo is cool, just get the clumping kind

The garden has been planted with some bamboo from @bambooland to keep the ground from sliding away. This bamboo is excellent for quick low maintenance hedging. Use the clumping varieties so you don't annoy the neighbours!

Reuse, repurpose wood

Our centre table, designed for workshops of about 20 and weekend cellar door activity is on track to be made from the 80 year old tree that died a few years ago at our Stanwell Park propriety. Here's hoping you will be sitting around it sometime in 2022 designing a bespoke ferment for your something special. 

And as always, #drinkferments

It doesn't have to be ours, (although we would love it), you just have to keep drinking them, daily. Anxiety and worry are insidious and we know looking after your gut helps to keep you balanced. You know what they say, if you don't poop.....

Love Jo

Jo Davies


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  • Great news about Goulburn. I’m enjoying my regular delivery of mixed kombucha. Pink lemonade with a dash of white wine still my favourite on a warm evening. Best wishes for the completion of the Goulburn property.


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