Make your own kombucha

When you have the time, making kombucha is awesome. Here's how:

make a big pot of tea - 8gms of tea to every litre of filtered water. Add 150gms of sugar per litre and let tea and sugar steep for at least 5 min per litre. Once cooled remove tea leaves and add a warm bottle of Dark Forest Beverages Kombucha and leave in a warm place, covered with a cotton cloth. You will see activity in a couple of days which means the fermentation process has started. It will also start to smell vinegary. 

The initial fermentation process should take a week depending on the size of your vessel. Then a few days to flavour and ignite a second fermentation, where most of the residual sugar gets converted into carbon dioxide and trace elements of alcohol so be careful!

Alternatively, you can buy from us. We bottle and package to order so you know you are getting quality kombucha fresh to you. Tickety-boo x


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