Kombucha is more than a healthy alternative to Coke.

Traditionally crafted kombucha (and water kefir and kimchi) are living parcels of nutrition that nourish your gut like no multi-vitamin or cute shelf-stable product ever could.

It's not enough to not eat shit during these times that we are living through; you have to eat well. And by well, I mean consuming things that are alive.

Now you wouldn't eat a live lobster - I get it. But how about dead lettuce, comatose avocado or defibrillated tomato? You wouldn't, right?!

Drinking and eating products that are fermented and gut-loving are found in the fridge - that's it. Like your home. Do you leave the milk out?

Eat and drink wild and unpasteurised. You will help your gut and improve your immunity. #drinkferments

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