It takes a Community

One of the reasons I love ferments and the ferment community is that it takes the community to enrich our gut flora. We need a broad spectrum of healthy bacteria to make our gut as happy as possible. And to ensure you get that spectrum, you need to explore every kombucha, water kefir and sauerkraut you can find.

Visit Cornersmith when we are in Annadale or Marrickville.  Wild Kombucha when you are in Leichhardt and of course Dark Forest Beverages when you are getting your great seafood at South Sailor in Thirroul!  

Because ferments are live and unique, each food and drink you consume will have different live cultures which is awesome because that way you will get a broad spectrum of goodness to help your digestive system.

And for Fermenters they get to encourage, endorse, support and honour their fellow fermenters. Its a fact that inspired me to get bigger in an industry I knew little about. Who can compete with Coke or Pepis or Gatorade?? Well we can, the Fermenters. We offer raw and unique designed to co-exists with your life in a way that adds value to you not takes it away. There will never be a study conducted to "uncover the hidden detrimental properties of Kombucha, water kefir, sauerkraut". We don't sit in labs designing products to be addictive, cause disease or place extra strain on your internal systems. Fermented food has been around since the start of time. Jump in and you will discover your taste will change over time, your ability to digest food and absorb nutrients will improve and you will generally feel well. #drinkferments

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