Elimination Diet in review

 (but first a blurt)

Anyone with chronic illness knows the rollercoaster I'm about to explain; it starts with a niggle, nothing to mention. Then it gets worse, not responding to your standard remedies until it is too hard to hide, so you find a GP. Blood tests, X-rays and a referral, no answers, so you go a little left of field, still not right, desperately you go back to the specialist. On to their next best guess, more tests, more time, until finally you get diagnosed, you're relieved there is a name, the pain is validated, and you are on the road to fixing the issue. Life will soon return to normal, and you will get on with life as you had planned. 

The reality for most is that life won't return to what was planned. It will be a version if you're lucky, but it won't be your first plan; it can't. You have experienced something, and that experience has changed you physically and mentally. And that has to be ok, right? 

So you've changed, that's great, that's life. The trick is to keep the good stuff and leave the crap behind.

For me, the shit stuff is the deep doubt of betrayal and all it brings - fear, caution, and self-criticism. Most of the time, I'm unaware I'm doing it, making decisions from a position of doubt and fear. It isn't until I get good news from a health professional that I realise I've been holding my breath and bracing for information that could spin me off in another direction.

A mini version of this rollercoaster happens every time they suggest a test, and I wait for the results.

The results of the elimination protocol

I feel much better, my skin is good, my eyes are clear, and I can hold two thoughts in my head - all at once! 

After a visit to the rheumatologist, who proclaimed my RA is in remission and my liver, kidneys and blood markers are all ticketty-boo, I can reduce the methotrexate, which is fantastic because, in theory, if the medication reduces, so too do the side effects of that medication. My side effects are brain fog, skin irritation, hot mouth and thinning hair.

My next step is the 3-month Immune repair program found in the pages of Dr Susan Blum's book, The Immune system recovery plan. 3 MONTHS...August to October. Just in time for summer in Australia.

If the results from the two-week Elimination Protocol weren't as profound, I wouldn't be embarking on three months' worth of scaled-back elimination. But I feel better, and my ultimate goal is to get off medication, so I guess this is it.

Anyone with a commercial kitchen who wants a business idea - meal planning for this recovery plan would be awesome. If I outsource the shopping and meal pre so I wouldn't have to see potato chips, salami etc., that would be half the battle.

I'll keep you posted. And please send me updates on you @darkforestbeverages or email: joanne@darkforestbeverages.com

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