Australian Made - Created. Owned. Controlled. Why is that important?

So we can say Dark Forest Beverages creates value for the community, the land that supports us, and the people we serve.  We buy organic green tea from Two Rivers in Queensland, local fruit for local farmers, and raw sugar from CSR, which is grown and processed in Australia, although the Goodman Fielder is an International company.

We believe provenance of raw materials is important to protect the health of you and keep control of the quality of our product. We also believe by keep account of where our raw product comes from, how they are made and who makes them, we will go some way to support their local communities by employment opportunities and local commerce.

And I’m proud to say that the entire Dark Forest Team are local people. Happy ( I hope ), and able to support their family and communities.



With love, 

Joanne Davies, Founder of Dark Forest Pty Ltd


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