Dark Forest Kombucha is built to socialise

A Client asked what makes Dark Forest Kombucha social?? Great question. Let me tell you:

The screw top crown seal - designed to be opened by hand and mimic a beer bottle.

Amber glass bottle - looks like an alcoholic beverage, feels like a beer bottle but not so you can drink it all day and still drive. No more sugary soft drink, juice or boring soda water. And no more ribbing by mates for drinking anything less than a "real drink".

Label - simple. No dreamcatchers or inspirational quotes. It's about you, so please, talking amongst yourselves whilst the drink goes about repopulating your gut flora. 

Bottle shape - nice to hold. A little weight in the bottom makes it nice to drink from and the sloping neck lends itself to be drunk from the bottle or poured over ice. 

Flavouring - We keep our flavouring simple, natural and accommodating to be mixed. We do not use sweeteners. Never. We use raw cane sugar for the fermentation process and that is it. The residual sugar will continue to convert into carbonation until consumed.

Twice filtered - no-one likes the scoby jellyfish that sometimes forms after bottling. To reduce incidents of this happening we twice filter the liquid before bottling and  dispatch shortly after so you don't get a little too much unexpected goodness..... if you do get a little jelly-like blob think of it like the mescal worm only healthier.. the good thing about our product is that it hasn't gone through any neuking, it is 100% artisan, unadulterated traditionally brewed kombucha and water kefir which means if you leave it in the bottle and the scoby reforms, you can create your own home brew! 

Carbonated - This is tricky and we are still experimenting so please know we are focusing on getting this right. We build up carbonation naturally in the bottle because we know you want it sparkling - (we do too). We get it right most of the time but its tricky. Kombucha and water kefir are alive. They are joyously unpredictable and frustratingly inconsistent when over produced so we keep it as natural as possible.

Packaging - we keep it simple, recycled and recyclable. We are not advocates of over packaging because we love our planet. We do however use 6 pack dividers so you can "take a 6 pack" and we only sell cases of 24 online. 

So there you have it. Retail is detail as they say. We wanted you to know we have thought about the detail and created something we hope you love. 

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